AMSE Science 8

Unit   4-a: Motion 
Unit   4-b: Forces

Course Scope:

  1. This year-long course for eighth-grade AMSE students provides the physical science explanations that extend understandings developed in previous science courses. It also integrates engineering principles taught through the Project Lead the Way - Gateway To Technology.  Students will use scientific & engineering processes, protocols, and tools, including inquiry, to build understanding of structures, patterns, and relationships explained through the physical sciences.  Critical thinking, collaboration, accuracy, and communication skills will be emphasized as students refine their scientific literacy. 


Achievement Indicators:

This rubric of Science 8 Achievement Indicators will allow students to measure their learning to ensure that they are gaining proficiency.  It categorizes learning into four levels: emergent, approaches, meets, & exceeds.  Students are considered proficient if their level of learning “meets” those described in the table.  Each of the units in the science 8 curriculum have a set of objectives that are tied to these indicators.  As students progress through the course, they should check their level of learning against the achievement indicators.